Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Horsey Year 2014, everybody!
Today is the 2nd day of the lunar new year, celebrated by all Asians in the world. “chu er”  初二,  we call it.
I’m not a traditional chinese girl and though I do not believe in zodiac signs or horoscopes,  I do appreciate how the designs of our red packets have evolved.
one of the old school ones I’ve received this year. surprise surprise!


here’s a few lovely pieces for the year of horse:



some colorful artsy ones I really appreciate.



cartoony style from Courts- a furniture store in Singapore.

So, ever since 2011, when I first visited Hong Kong prior to the Lunar New Year, beautiful and creative 红包袋 aka Red Packets used for putting in dollar notes of blessings from elders / married couples to their children and the singles had captivated me ever since.
Here’s some Red packets I’ve compiled… there’s more really but I’m pretty tired from a full day of visiting relatives and compiling just these bit. Hope you them! 🙂


for kids. namely best wishes from left top to right bottom: Blessings, Conscientious, Health and Happiness.


some peranakan flowers colorful ones

some gold base series I like

the basic current reds
I love these….
the “Fu” series

The DBS Series

For the cat lovers

these are st least 10 – 15 years old

these from OCBC bank were what inspired me to record these designs down…

some really pretty ones from Hong Kong


last but not least… A Christiany one.

May everything you do be Horsay, everything you eat be Horjak, every friend you have and make be Horpengyou, everyday live a Hormia life and work becomes like Horliday in this Horsome year of the Horse!

Some of the sad in 2013.


I was wondering if I should keep this small little card which I use as a bookmark but decided to chuck it into e bin. Reason being
the person who gave it to me started as a normal friend,  became my lover and now barely an aquaintance. Just found out that he unfollowed me on instalgram.  I mean.. seriously? 
Although my heart no longer have that aching feeling I used to a few months back, I was offended indeed.
Cos it feels like I meant nothing.  Our past was nothing. Those important three and a half years of my life of invested feelings, efforts, money and oh so precious youth.


Before that, I found the gary chapman couple’s devotion we did together in our first year. I tore away this page since it’s still a good book so it’s a waste to throw away. It didn’t hurt. I’m really glad I’ve moved on.

I’m glad 2014 came. Looking forward to maintaining the new friendships forged and hopefully a much closer walk with God.

feeling Morbid, kinda!

a close friend’s mom passed few days ago from final stage pancreatic cancer and on that same day, my mom broke the news that her brother,  my third uncle has been diagnosed with final stage liver cancer.
it’s suddenly all too real. I know I know cancer is all ard us. The yearly hair for hope where ppl shave their heads be it men or women; in support of the children’s cancer society reminds me yearly. It’s not something I would do cos I’m vain I admit but it doesn’t mean that I look at ppl with cancer like they have some infectious diseases. That would be totally inconsiderate!
Coming to know about the deaths of a few close friends’ parents by cancer made me feel sorry for them but they still did not hit me in the gut. Not until now, happening right in my life to people I know or interacted with.
And then I began to feel sad for those friends whose parents also passed due to cancer.
It is a battle indeed. Although you might lose your loved ones to the illness but let’s rejoice to the fact that they will be returning to our eternal home with our Father.

Perhaps it’s the age… We have to come to terms of being 坦然towards ppl who are in their last stages of their lives. Treat them with more concern but without pity; calmly,  sincerely. Empathy; not Sympathy should be dished out only for those who need it.

jam packed society

the standing space is much less than what a corpse has in the deceased very own coffin really and I keep wondering why I may not have felt worse than I did maybe a year ago – possible better personal hygiene of the passengers squeezed into the same space as I am.
but I guess what we can do here, besides maintaining speedy and efficient tran system in our little red dot, is probably the use of face mask for those who are sick as well as having metal rail compartments or shelfs for those who had to stand, to place their very heavy bags onto.
consideration among everyone in terms of sounds aka noise level control is a must must. no talking loudly on the phone, no blasting uour personal preference of music, drama or games would be much appreciated. 
yes just like in Japan.
the more pleasant a ride we enjoy, surely there would be less friction between e idea of co-existence frictions occuring among the so called locals and foreign talents?
Although at the moment, the prospects of welcoming a population of abt 30% increase is still not playing positively for me.
the thot of our island sinking paralyses me with fear.

ok I could be wrong. personal hygiene can be better managed.  caught a wift of someone passing by and that wasn’t pleasant at all.

parsley & thyme

a great Friday night hanging out with Almost Family. haha… Some of e longest peepz I know. good recommendation from Ros e bday gal.

tried a few appetizers while three of us waited for e rest of the crew to come. ..



say hi to smoked duck salad, mixed sausage platter and lobster bisque.


my choice of main from my dinner set. valued at 34.95.

the absolutely marvellous french onion soup with beef bits inside.

the desserts that follow…


butterfish ordered by Angeline


stewed beef cheek ordered by my bro in law

sis ordered halibut…

this is worth a try really. but do make reservations! 

a journey in prep of the destination ahead

prep process on earth
genesis chapt 3
someone will crush e head of e serpent
God’s promise to bless Abraham
from Egypt to Israel promise land
promise to David the one who will come – son of David will come and rule. His kingdom forever.
book of Luke – encounter of Angel Gabriel to Mary simple maiden of e Lord.

we need that faith and obedience to follow what God wants us to do here. our response determine the ends of our journey to Final destination Heaven 

obedience and faith

so what’s God’s plan and purpose for you and me?
the Lord speaks to us and makes clear of what He wants us to do.

so if that shd be e case, since I believe truely that He wants us to part ways I shd then no longer hold anger against him?
but that does not lessen my wariness. 

so our life experiences;  how we react and response refines us and prep us for our Final destination.

the chips that need to be polished away:
easy to anger
lack of control / ill discipline

how and whats
that shall be my journey to discover and learnt; may our Lord provides me w His strength and wisdom to win this war against these chips.

pretty. ugly

tainted. Broken but made whole again. at peace but beneath, hidden sadness.

my dignity or what’s left of it.

trampled very so often by your memory.

don’t attempt to talk to me.

not when you crushed my love into small bits of dirt With a “I just don’t feel anything anymore.”


Yes I forgive you.


Not cos you deserve it but cos I need to move past you.

Love.hope.faith.doubts.fears.anxiety. Where life begins after you thought it was the end.